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Welcome to the NHL – Do you mind if we put this C on your jersey with Terry Ruskowski

Lets rewind time and relive the Chicago Blackhawks 1979-1980 season with rookie and team Captain Terry Ruskowski!  Yes you read that right!  Rookie AND team Captain!  Hear all about how that happened, who the grumpiest person on the team was, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, why he fought so much back in the day and more!  Terry is a true gem and a hell of a guy! Definitely a chat not to miss1

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The Minnesota North Stars 1st Crack at the Stanley Cup with Brad Maxwell!

The Minnesota North Stars regular 80-81 season was nothing to write home about.  But when it came time for the playoffs they captured lightning in a bottle!  Join us as former North Stars D-Man Brad Maxwell takes us back to 1981 and shares with us his experiences during the playoffs.  Hear about the young rookie and future HOF’er who captured everyones hearts and had his own “DINOsaur”.  Plenty of legendary Lou Nanne Stories as well as why head coach Glen Somnor wore a patch over his eye for one game and who he thinks was the best he ever played against!!

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A season in the ECHL with Doug Heinzer

Welcome to an special “early edition” of Snapshots in Hockey History!  In conduction of the opening of the 31st ECHL season our guest is Greenville Swamp Rabbits President/CEO & Owner Doug Heinzer!! 

Doug is in his first season as an owner of an ECHL Franchise.   He shares with us what made him decide to buy a hockey team, how being an ECHL affiliate works, the responsibilities of being a team owner and much more.  Doug is going to come by throug out the 2019-2020 season so we can ride along with him as he navigates through his first year as pro hockey franchise owner.  

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A Tap on the Shoulder Changed My Life with Paul Mulvey

On January 24th 1982 Paul Mulvey was sitting on the LA Kings players bench when a skirmish broke out on the ice.  Coming back form a recent suspension, Mulvey was tapped on the shoulder by then Kings head coach Don Perry.  Perry wanted Mulvey join in the fracas and Mulvey refused.  His decision to not fight infuriated the Kings head coach and led to Mulvey being blacklisted throughout the NHL. 

Paul shares with us in his own words, what happened, why he didn’t fight and if he would’ve done anything differently as we relive Paul’s 81-82 NHL regular season.  He takes us through his start of the season with the Pittsburgh Penguins to his final night in the National Hockey League and the aftermath.  Why he thinks he was blacklisted and did the players union offer him any kind of assistance?

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From Montreal to St. Louis with Mike Lalor

Welcome back for our first episode of season 2 of Snapshots In Hockey History!  No better way to kick things off than with one of most popular guests Mike Lalor!!  Mike joins us to relive his final days as a Hab and what it was like to play with Brett Hull and the St Louis Blues during the 1988-89 regular season.  Mike shares with us stories about Pat Burns, Brett Hull, Rod Brind’Amour and more!  He walks us through his trade from Montreal to St Louis in great detail and how it impacted him.  Finally he wraps up the interview with a great story about fighting Steve Yzerman in Detroit in the process becoming public enemy number 1 at the old Joe Louis Arena!

This interview was done on location at Mikes gym Teammates Fitness.  As a result unfortunately the audio is a little rough during this interview (Sorry about that).  Thanks for joining us for season 2 of Snapshots in Hockey History and don’t forget new episodes are uploaded every Monday morning!

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