On January 24th 1982 Paul Mulvey was sitting on the LA Kings players bench when a skirmish broke out on the ice.  Coming back form a recent suspension, Mulvey was tapped on the shoulder by then Kings head coach Don Perry.  Perry wanted Mulvey join in the fracas and Mulvey refused.  His decision to not fight infuriated the Kings head coach and led to Mulvey being blacklisted throughout the NHL. 

Paul shares with us in his own words, what happened, why he didn’t fight and if he would’ve done anything differently as we relive Paul’s 81-82 NHL regular season.  He takes us through his start of the season with the Pittsburgh Penguins to his final night in the National Hockey League and the aftermath.  Why he thinks he was blacklisted and did the players union offer him any kind of assistance?

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