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Episode 2 Part 2 with Grant Jennings

Let’s go back and party like it’s 1991!  Grant walks us through the final 2 rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Tells us about flying home with the Stanley Cup, a fun party at Mario’s and the Stanley Cup Celebration at the point!

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Episode 2 Part 1 with Grant Jennings

Follow along as Grant Jennings takes us back to the 1991 Stanley Cup Finals.  Hear about his experiences playing for the Hartford Whalers, Getting Traded to Pittsburgh, Super Mario and the first two rounds of the playoffs, plus so much more.  

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Episode 1 Part 2 with Mike Lalor

Mike Lalor is back to finish telling us about the 1986 Stanley Cup Finals. Hear who had the best ice in the 80’s, a great Chris Nilan story and of the plane ride home after winning the Stanley Cup. Lastly find out which NHL Hall of Famer almost scored on his first shift!Please don’t forget to check out to learn more about Mike’s personal training facility and also like our facebook page!